Need to renew your license soon? Struggling because of the pandemic? The SLA has extended the dates for paying renewal fees for licenses due March 31-July 31 for bars, restaurants, wholesalers and manufacturers to August 31. Liquor stores, grocers, and pharmacies may also qualify by sending in proof of financial hardship due to the pandemic.

Licensees still need to file all paperwork at the appropriate time, however, payment would be deferred until August 31 of this year. There is one catch, however. If you pay your fee after your expiration date, you’ll be on COD with the wholesalers.

First time doing your renewal? Check out our page all about the process. We want to make sure it is done correctly so that you can stay current and operating all year long.

Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to post updates and reminders to help you stay connected, informed, and up to date. We even wrote a blog post dedicated to renewals. Straight from the source, access the New York State Liquor Authority website as rules and regulations continue to change.