Liquor bottles at a bar


Science points fingers at those having indoor gatherings as the cause for the increase in cases of the virus. Some of these include Halloween parties, but many of them include places that serve alcohol.

Unfortunately, this is affecting many businesses including bars, restaurants, and gyms, so be sure to be aware of the recents changes in the law. All are mandated to close their doors at 10 p.m. No alcohol to-go is allowed to be served, but curbside service and delivery is allowed for food items. Be sure to have sufficient staff on hand while knowing the law in order to keep your business bringing in the dough.

This was expected to happen in the state of New York this fall and winter as the flu season would usually be picking up. But, the city was planning ahead. It has been watching the positivity rate so that it would know when it would be appropriate to slow down. Keeping the people safe has always been the main goal.

Be sure to know the rules and stay compliant. However, rules are only as good as the enforcement and discipline is only as good as the enforcement. So, be safe, keep your people safe, and follow the guidelines set out to be helpful to all.

To stay current on SLA changes and updates, follow our blog, or visit the New York State Liquor Authority for more information.