Scoop of chocolate ice cream with garnishes


What’s better than craft beer, wine, or cider-infused ice cream? Now New York distilleries are looking forward to mixing their creations with some local ice cream or any other frozen desserts to temp those looking for something new.

As a result of legislation signed into law Aug. 3rd by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the manufacture and sale of these treats made with liquor was authorized today in the state of New York. The goal of the law is to help out small dairy businesses and farms, continuing to grow the craft beverage industry, and giving consumers what they want.

Senator Rachel May was so “grateful to the Governor for signing this into law”, that she looks forward to “sharing some maple bourbon ice cream with him at next year’s State Fair!”

Dairy farmers and tourism will also greatly benefit from this bill. When these are empowered, the result is a healthier economy.

Craft beverages are already a hit in New York, so there is no doubt that this addition of sweet offerings will take off. Already ranking in the top five in every category of craft beverage producers, New York is the place for allowing small businesses to network together to combine their ingredients for creating a variety of unique concoctions suitable for every palette.

Source: Office of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo